LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Elderberry Elixir

Elderberry Elixir was started by a Fort Myers mom, Lenny, when her son started having health issues.  After jumping between doctors and specialists, Lenny decided to take matters into her own hands.  She started making elderberry syrup as a way to help boost her son’s immune system.  And it worked!  So well in fact, that family and friends started asking for bottles. And soon, a small business was born.  

Health Benefits of Elderberry:
-supports the immune system
-lessens the symptoms and duration of viruses
-effective against respiratory infections
-reduces inflammation

Lenny makes her tasty concoction in small batches using all high-quality organic ingredients.  You can buy her products online or find them at local shops and farmers markets.  Visit her website for more information and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

Here’s what Lenny had to say when asked about the three pillars of WellHome:

What does luxury mean to you?  Luxury means sourcing the very best and purest ingredients to create a premium elderberry syrup that is delicious and accessible to everyone we know!

What are your wellness goals?  To help others find ways to incorporate our product into their daily health regimen.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your daily life?  We are very intentional about the products we use.  Our bottles are glass, our caps are metal, and all the materials we use at in-person events are biodegradable or recyclable.  For us, having a green footprint is of utmost importance!

Get yourself a bottle of Elderberry Elixir and cheers to good health!

Mushroom Madness

I have had a long-standing love affair with medicinal mushrooms – like maitake, shiitake, reishi and chaga- and have been incorporating them into my & my son’s diet for years now.  When I first started learning about the different types of mushrooms and their health benefits, I was in college working at an herbal medicine clinic where they were used in herbal tinctures and teas.  Now that medicinal mushrooms have become more mainstream, I am thoroughly enjoying the variety of products on the market.  Here are some of my fave’s:

—> Check out this recipe for *homemade* Chocolate-Chaga Almond Mylk! <—

While different mushrooms have different healing properties and support different systems in the body, some of the primary benefits include:

  • Immune system support
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Support memory and focus
  • Increase energy and stamin
  • Support the nervous system and reduces stress

Check out these sites to learn more:

Negative Ions for Positive Vibes

If you can’t hit the beach to soak up the negative ions, then bring the negative ions into your home!

Certain natural environments, like mountains and beachs, contain an abundance of negative ions. When we breathe in these negative ions and they enter our blood stream they produce biochemical reactions that are said to help relieve stress, increase serotonin production (the “feel good” hormone), boost the immune system, clean the lungs and neutralize free radicals. They also help purify the air of allergens, germs and dust.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a convenient way of bringing these health benefits into your home as the salt particles contain negative ions. And I am particularly loving these miniature plug-ins right now. Not only do they double as night lights, but they give off the most enchanting glow.